Dr. Tejanshu Shah

Curing Urological Patients for more than 25 years..

                                                                    Medical Tourism                                                                       

India,throughout history has been a center for medical excellence.From the times of Charaka it is a documented fact that patients flocked to India from all over the world for quality medical care.Now with renewed efforts from Government of India by instituting "Medical Visas" convenience has been added to the equation for patients who wish to obtaining care in India.

Dr. Tejanshu Shah has made major inroads into the Medical Tourism Industry.Quality Medical care is the allure for patients travelling over thousands of miles to get much needed medical attention in Ahmedabad.

Through his experience of over 25 years and having performed an aggregate of over 40000 surgeries both elective and emergency, Dr. Tejanshu Shah has become the preferred choice of patients travelling to India from Developed and Developing Countries for urological,andrological disorders.The patients treated are from Adelaide to Addis ababa.

Dr.Tejanshu Shah has treated patients from over 50 countries including:

  • USA,Canada
  • European countries including UK,Belgium,Spain,Italy,France,Portugal,Sweden,Denmark,etc
  • African Countries including Kenya,Tanzania,Nigeria,Congo,Ethiopia,Niger,Sudan,Mali,Ivory Coast,Sudan,Namibia,Angola,etc
  • Middle Eastern countries UAE,Kuwaut,Iran,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Syria,Qatar,Turkey,etc