Dr. Tejanshu Shah

Curing Urological Patients for more than 25 years..


Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation explained simply is a procedure by which the donor's normal kidney is placed in the lower abdominal cavity(iliac fossa) of the recipient as illustrated in images below:

In the past, Dr. Tejanshu Shah as:

- Head Of Urology Unit,(IKD) Institute of Kidney Diseases,Ahmedabad and

Professor Of Urology,(IKD) Institute of Kidney Diseases,Ahmedabad.

performed over 1000 Kidney Transplants.

Dr. Tejanshu Shah's Kidney Transplantation Team comprising of :




which is currently performing Kidney Transplants in:

-SAL Hospital,Ahmedabad

-Apollo Hospital,Ahmedabad

-Sterling Hospital,Ahmedabad

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