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Urinary Tract and Kidney Stones (Uro-Lithiasis)

Urinary Stones

The kidneys play an important role in eliminating waste products from the body. These waste products normally remain dissolved in the urine as it passes through the kidney drainage system (calyces, renal pelvis and ureter). Urinary stones are crystalline particles that form in the urine, often producing pain when they obstruct urine drainage from a kidney.

Kidney stone formation

Kidney stones form when the concentration of certain substances in the urine exceeds the amount that can be kept dissolved. This can happen when the urine becomes over-concentrated due to low urine volume or excessive excretion of a substance.

Low urine output may be due to inadequate fluid intake or excessive fluid losses such as with frequent heavy perspiration or chronic diarrhea. Alternatively, the urine may be overloaded with a substance because of excessive dietary intake, excessive production by the body, or, changes in the function of the bowels or kidneys. Kidney stones are rarely a sign of kidney disease and stone formation is uncommon in people with poorly functioning kidneys.

Most often kidney stones take many months or years to grow to a size that can produce symptoms, generally, by obstructing urine drainage from a kidney. Occasionally, stones may form more rapidly. 

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]]Prevention of kidney stones

The mainstay of kidney stone prevention is a high fluid intake to maintain dilute urine. Although it is recommended that all stone formers should try to produce between two and three litres of urine per day, any increase in fluid intake is beneficial. Additional fluid should be consumed when fluid losses increase with heavy perspiration or diarrhea.

Also reducing consumption of foods that contain stone forming agents ia important.Additional dietary changes in accordance to the type of stone shall be advised by Dr. Shah.

Latest Treatent Modalities:

Dr.Shah offers comprehensive treatment for urinary or kidney stone, dependant on the size and position of the stone:

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