Dr. Tejanshu Shah

Curing Urological Patients for more than 25 years..

Endoscopic Surgeries

Endoscopic Surgeries are procedures wherein pipe-like structures are used to visualize the interior of the body for:

  • Taking biopsy sample
  • Removing a stone/mass
  • Irrigation & aspiration
  • Diagnostically to visualize the interior 

  All urological endoscopic Surgeries are performed by Dr. Tejanshu Shah they Include:

URS(Ureteroscopy) and Cystoscopy:

Ureteroscopy is performed under anaesthesia. Most cases will require a general anaesthetic or spinal anaesthetic. Simpler cases can be performed comfortably with sedation alone. 

After the anaesthetic is administered, a long, narrow telescope (ureteroscope) is passed through the urethra into the bladder and up the ureter to the area of concern. X-rays are often taken during the procedure.

A kidney stone blocking a ureter can often be removed by trapping it in a wire “basket” and carefully pulling it out. Various instruments including laser, ultrasound, or mechanical energy are used  to fragment larger stones and allow their passage or removal. .                                                             

Upon completion of the procedure, a thin plastic tube (ureteric stent) may be placed temporarily in the ureter to prevent blockage while any swelling resolves. This tube must be removed, usually within a few days or weeks. Many patients can be discharged from hospital on the day of their ureteroscopy.