Dr. Tejanshu Shah

Curing Urological Patients for more than 25 years..

                                                Curriculum Vitae                                               

Name:                 Dr. Tejanshu Pannalal Shah

Date of Birth :   July 20

Address:             65,B,Swastik Society ,Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380009

Telephone:        079-26440690(O)

Mobile:               9824044171

Qualifications:  M.B.B.S. (Bachelor In Medicine & Surgery)

                             M.S. (Master of General Surgery)

                             M.Ch. (Master Of Chirurgical) (Urology)       

Practicing as:     Urologist , Andrologist, Laproscopist, MicroSurgeon & Renal Transplant

                             Surgeon from August, 1990.

Educational       Secondary School Certificate 1976 passed with 76%

Background:      National Merit Scholarship

                             Higher Secondary School Certificate 1978 passed with 78%

                             National Merit Scholarship

                             1st year MBBS-Gold Medalist (1st in University)

                                                       Gold Medalist(highest in Physiology)

                                                       2nd Highest in Anatomy

                            2nd year MBBS-3rd in University

                                                       2nd in Pharmacology

                            3rd year MBBS- Gold Medalist (1st in University)

                                                      Gold Medalist(highest in Surgery)

                                                      Gold Medalist(highest in Medicine)

                             MS(Master Of surgery)- Gold Medalist(1st in University)

                             MCh(Master of Chirurgical Urology)- Gold Medalist(1st in University)

                             Foreign  Training  in Urology, Andrology and MicroSurgery Dept at Michael Reeze Hospital at                                  at Chicago,USA.

Clinical & Teaching Experience:

Resident in surgery from Jan 1984 to Dec 1987 at FTG Surgical Unit 2 ai Civil Hospital Ahmedabad.

Senior Resident Urology 2 years from Jan 1988 to Dec 1989 Dept of Urology,Civil Hospital,Ahmedabad.

6 Months Teaching Experience in Urology & Transplantation at IKD,Ahmedabad as a part of  research fellowship from Feb 1990 to July 1990.

11 Years as  Professor Of Urology & Transplantational Surgery (from 1992 june to Oct 2003) recognized by National Board Of Urology   Diplomat National Board (DNB) PG Program Professor Urology students at IKDRC,Civil Hospital at Ahmedabad.

Clinical Paper & Article Publication in Conferences journals:

ยท         Amongst the realm of numerous conferences chaired and organized by Dr.Tejanshu Shah at national and international levels and among an array of various articles published by him in urological journals following are the most noteworthy ones:

o   Iliac ostectomy in adult patient with extrophy of bladder? selected BJU international published in Sept 2001.

o   Pelvic Lipomatosis- a rare etiology of bilateral ureteric obstruction? selected IJU international 2001.

o   Vesico Cutaneous Fistula-Ovarian Tumour Surgery? Published in IJU march 2003

o   Mitrofeanoff?s Procedure:A versatile Method of Continent Urinary Diversion? accepted & published as review article in IJU in Sept 2002

o   Ex-Member peer review committee of Indian Journal Of Urology.

o   Won Best Paper Prize in Gujarat State Surgeon?s Conference on ?Cadaver Donor Renal Transplant?.

o   Organised and participated in International Congress on Transplant,Kidney Diseases & Critical Care,Jan 2001.